Spring Weddings

APRIL 13, 2016 • Planning

Colors are lush; the summer heat has not yet hit; the “in-season” flowers are some of our favorites; and your guests are itching to enjoy the outdoors. Spring is a beautiful time to get married here in Vermont. And we’ll give you our top reasons why you would want to have a Vermont Spring wedding.

• It is a time of rebirth and revitalization. It brings new beginnings and hope. In the New England region we have experienced a long cold winter, and as the days grow longer and the weather warmer, it tends to bring a sense of happiness in all as they enjoy these warmer brighter days. What better time to start a new chapter in your life then a time of year that holds promises of new beginnings and hope for a joy-filled future.

• “April showers bring May flowers.” Some of our favorite flowers are in bloom during the spring months: tulips, daffodils, forsythia, crocus, hyacinth, lily of the valley, sweet peas, roses, lilacs, and peonies. If you are a “diy-er” this is the perfect opportunity to create masterpieces from your own garden.

• More time to party! The days are growing longer. You’ll have more daylight, and more daylight makes for happier guests, great photo ops, and more time to enjoy lawn games!

Lets clear the elephant in the room!

“Rain, rain, go away!” There’s too much of a chance of rain for me to have a springtime wedding! No matter when you choose to have your wedding there is always a chance of rain. There are many things that you can control on your wedding day…the weather is NOT one of them. Come to peace with this as soon as your can. Your wedding will be beautiful whether it rains or not. And if it does rain, look at is as an opportunity to take fun and different wedding photos. If you know it’s going to rain, perhaps ask your bridal party to bring colorful rain boots for pictures. Supply bold and vibrant umbrellas. Take advantage of the rain for your photos! Furthermore, here at the Hubbell, we have you covered. Our state of the art tent will keep you dry and protected from the elements. Our venue gives our couples the best of both worlds as they have the beauty of an outdoor venue with the peace of mind of a reception hall (without the cookie-cutter experience)!

So fear not! And embrace spring weddings in Vermont. Enjoy the lush beauty that it has to offer and start your new beginning in love.